Well the late August weather has made for some stellar skies but slow fishing!

Haven’t done much river fishing recently apart from scouting out some new waters on the North Island. More exploring than fishing but have pulled the odd nice trout swinging ¬†flies through some cool oxygenated spots first thing.

Looks like we’ve got a decent amount of rain coming and some much cooler days for a while which will really help the water temperatures and push a few Salmon into their rivers. This is one of my favorite times to fish dries and streamers for the large trout sitting behind staging Salmon awaiting the their spawn.¬†Expect some great fishing in the coming weeks.


20160821_154123[1]Beach fishing had slowed right down in the last week, still the odd fresher pink around mixed with lots of stale fish awaiting the rain and now the odd Coho starting to show up in casting range. First light is your best bet. With the rain and cooler temps the Coho fishing should pick up as we get into September and have a feeling there are still a few more pinks to come.