Not sure who originated this version I’m sharing here but it has all the traits I like in a basic fly and I am a huge fan of any Woolly Bugger related pattern, the inherent bugginess and movement is hard to beat. Quick and easy to tie, durable, adaptable to many species and conditions and most importantly catches a lot of fish! This olive version is geared towards fall Coho and swinging for Bull Trout in colored water and is great for Coho in Orange or Chartreuse too. For really low visibility tie some up with a Chartreuse or Hot Orange bead. Substitute any of your favorite Steelhead colours to make a deadly quick and dirty winter fly. Tie it in smaller sizes with shorter medium polar chenille for dirty water trout swinging or lake trolling.


Tail – Olive Marabou , Few Strands Pearl Crystal Flash

Body – UV Olive Copper Polar Chenille

Head – 5/32 Gold Bead or Tyer’s Choice

Thread – Olive

Hook – 6 or 4 Streamer Tyer’s Choice



  1. Ad the bead and tie your thread base down to the beginning of the curve of the hook.20160827_0813072. Tie in the Marabou and Crystal Flash. It should extend 1/2 or 3/4 ” past the end of the hook.20160827_0814373. Tie in the end of the chenille at beginning of the bend  and wrap forward to the bead. Tie off, whip finish and head cement.20160827_081640Fish it on a tip on the swing or strip through froggy coho water and hold on tight.20160827_081936