The hard winter was slow to release her grip this year and spring saw a few false starts in the last few weeks which have caught me and the plants out a few times!20170224_064958

Still waiting for consistent good temperatures but looks like they are finally on the way. Plenty of fry out now on our local rivers along with the odd nice Trout taking advantage; both are a couple of weeks later than last year and the fishing has been spotty for me so far. Have had a few nice Trout to hand in the last couple of weeks and the odd grab from an always welcome Spring Steelhead. ¬†With stable and sunny weather in the next couple of weeks I’m expecting the trout fishing to really pick up. Good snow pack and cooler early season temps also point to better water conditions going into the summer than we’ve had in recent years. Have a few dates going spare in our self catering accommodation and have some very inexpensive fishing packages to offer on my rates page if you want to get over here and check out what the Island spring has to offer.

Tight lines!