Spring is finally here, kinda!

The hard winter was slow to release her grip this year and spring saw a few false starts in the last few weeks which have caught me and the plants out a few times! Still waiting for consistent good temperatures but looks like they are finally on the way. Plenty of fry out now on […]

Late August Report and Outlook

Well the late August weather has made for some stellar skies but slow fishing! Haven’t done much river fishing recently apart from scouting out some new waters on the North Island. More exploring than fishing but have pulled the odd nice trout swinging  flies through some cool oxygenated spots first thing. Looks like we’ve got […]

Report and Outlook for August

Summer Steelhead fishing was generally slow by most accounts and I was too sore to get out much myself due to injuries. I did manage to grind out a couple of nice fish swinging on one quick solo trip and it was nice to host some friends from Vancouver and watch Tomas get one (after […]

Fishing outlook for July

River – Excellent trout fishing everywhere that’s open and the also the chance of an odd summer Steelhead a bit further afield depending on water conditions. Right now we’ve had a bump of water and some lower temps and fishing prospects are good on the North Island. Saltwater – Currently there’s some decent Cutthroat trout […]